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Kings and Queens Cleaning, a company nearing 20 years in business, was meticulously created to showcase the company’s numerous abilities to meet, or exceed, our clients demanding janitorial requirements. The company was founded 17 years ago by William Moore. Mr. Moore, after many hours of personal thought and extensive industry research, recently decided to rename his company to Kings and Queens Cleaning Service! Why the name change … because Mr. Moore, and his elite service staff, treat each client like royalty! Simply stated, each client is treated as if they were a “King” or a “Queen!” What a wonderful concept!


The genesis of Kings and Queens Cleaning began when William Moore was working at a well known Home Health Care business. He observed that the company was utilizing a national cleaning service. Mr. Moore, as an entrepreneur minded individual, initiated a personal research project. He instinctively knew there was a better way to gain better results.


His study began by interviewing the leaders of some of the largest cleaning companies by asking them what they would do differently … if given the chance to do things over. Most significantly, what would they do to deliver Total Customer Satisfaction? Mr. Moore used their insightful feedback to create the ‘Kings and Queens Cleaning’ … ‘total customer service’ concept!  This concept has since evolved into today’s state-of-the-art, faith-based, commercial cleaning business!  A company that proudly enjoys a spotless reputation by earning rave reviews from its customers!


The company philosophy is quite simple: not being focused on being the largest, but … to be acclaimed by our cherished clients as being the best commercial cleaning service available! Additionally, the company needs to be the very best company for our staff. Mr. Moore wants each associate to achieve their dreams. The ultimate commitment … Kings and Queens Cleaning will deliver the service client’s expect, with the integrity each deserves.





Customer Satisfaction. We firmly believe that it’s imperative to always do what is right. Go the extra mile to deliver whatever it takes to keep cherished clients consistently satisfied!



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