Educational Facilities/Daycare

Preparing students for their lives outside of the classroom has long been the greatest goal of educational facilities. Many factors contribute to the educational experience of students, but one factor that should always contribute positively to a student’s experience is a clean and sanitary environment.

A comprehensive school Janitorial Cleaning should deliberately address each of these key points to support your students, staff and teachers:

Student and Staff Health

The Flu, the common cold and many other diseases fill school hallways every single day! Cleaning services can help reduce the spread of communicable diseases in schools by paying particular attention to frequently touched surfaces and ensuring that facilities that harbor bacteria and germs are properly sanitized.


Educator Support

Cleaning whiteboards, tidying around desks and putting a classroom in order during every cleaning gives each teacher and student the chance to begin every single day with a clean slate. Supporting teachers with a comprehensive school cleaning service promotes responsible hygiene and a study-focused environment for all.


Cost Effectiveness

Tightening purse strings may require cuts in the thoroughness and quality of your school's cleaning service. Responsible cleaning services will maximize the benefits your school receives by using the most efficient practices and cost-effective solutions available today.


Distraction-Free Student Spaces

Graffiti on walls and desks, old gum stuck under tables, and littered floors lead to shifting in seats and wandering eyes among students of all ages. A pristine classroom, however, is free of distractions and directs students’ focus to the front of the room.


Environmentally Conscious Cleaning Practices

Cleaning products that contain harsh and harmful chemicals are dangerous to the well-being of students, especially preschool and elementary aged students. However, new environmentally friendly products and practices reduce the use of these chemicals and lessen air contaminants, creating a healthier and safer educational environment.

If your school janitorial service is not addressing each of the above points, it could mean that this is a time for your school to change services. Choosing Kings And Queen Cleaning for all your school’s janitorial requirements ensures your complete satisfaction, 100% of the time. Kings And Queens Cleaning will always do A+ work for your school!

Improving environments for better learning

At Kings And Queens Cleaning, we don’t just maintain educational facilities – we improve them. Our sustainable approach is just one example of our best practices that lead the industry. Another is our commitment to creating environmentally friendly facilities through our Green Clean program, which improves indoor air quality and reduces “sick building” absenteeism. This isn’t just a promise. We guarantee it.

Comprehensive cleaning solutions for educational facilities

We are dedicated to providing a clean, safe and hygienic learning environment for your students and staff.

  • Dedicated account management

  • LEED accredited professionals

  • Customer intranet access 24/7

  • Comprehensive quality assurance program

  • Regular inspections & audits by our account managers

  • Environmentally friendly Green Clean program

  • Safety and compliance processes

  • Comprehensive educational facility training

  • Classroom Maintenance

  • Restroom Maintenance

  • Hard Floor Maintenance

  • Carpet Care

  • General Office Cleaning

  • Athletic Facilities Maintenance

  • Day Custodian Services

  • OSHA regulations

  • Background checks

Cleaning Education and Daycare Facilities


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